Have you seen me with my hair tied up?
I think after I left high school, I hardly tie my hair up.
Maybe because I’m sick of tying my hair since we are forced to tie our hair up (this applies in schools in M’sia tho) during school days and if you don’t do so, you’ll be penalized for that.
So, since I was a freshman in university and up till now (about 4 years now), I guess I only tied my hair for like not more than 10 times?!..
And here are some of the shots I took with my hair up.
How different do I look here?!
Somewhere around September this year.
Was getting ready to attend a family dinner.
Both of this slapshot was taken today.
Am ready for some Japanese cuisine:)
Another reason that I don’t really like tying my hair up is because I think that I have a huge puffy face.
I always try to cover my puffy face with my hair down but from what I learnt from some hair experts, it is said that your face will look bigger if you let them down instead of tying them up.
At some point, I think it’s quite true.
Still, I prefer letting my hair down for some reasons. haha